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L'aromathérapie est une thérapie holistique qui utilise des huiles essentielles pour améliorer la santé, la vitalité et le bien-être émotionnel. Ce cours en ligne vous procure des connaissances de base, telles que les origines de l'aromathérapie et l'extraction des huiles, les propriétés thérapeutiques et le mode d'utilisation détaillé de chacune de ces huiles. Vous prendrez également connaissance du large éventail des bienfaits que permet le recours à l'aromathérapie. Read More

You’ve studied the introduction level 2 course and now you want to further advance your career? Perfect! This Level 3 course is the correct step towards more job prospects, higher pay and a more exciting career.  Join a top quality course, fully supported by a tutor and support team who share the same goal as you, to see you succeed in a new career. Read More

If you have an eating disorder, or if you know someone who does, healthy eating habits can seem a long way away.  Their life is made extremely difficult because of their disorder. This course aims to introduce you to the main eating disorders and provide you with an insight into each one of them so that you can be in a position to help. It doesn’t matter whether they suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder, their eating habits are far from healthy and their minds are not focused on what we consider as being healthy eating behaviors. Take this course to expand your knowledge on eating disorders and also to gain awareness on the subject. A MUST take for parents and professionals alike. Read More

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